About Jules

Jules Dameron is an award-winning film director who happens to be deaf and has accomplished many things out of her passion and love for creativity and changing worldwide awareness about deaf people.

Even though Jules is strictly an American and learned some Norwegian and Norwegian Sign Language solely for this project, she single-handedly directed the 7-episode Norwegian TV series, Møkkakaffe (Bad Coffee), starring Ipek Mehlum, Hauk Heyerdahl and Anne Ryg. This dramedy series was shown nationwide in Norway on the NRK Channel. Thanks to Jules’ help, this production had the highest viewing of any Døves Media/NRK production thus far.

There are many more that Jules herself has been involved with, such as Craig Fogel’s Don’t Shoot the Messenger series, as well as her latest creation, Reverse Polarity, a provocative series featuring the Spring Awakening Broadway stars, Amelia Hensley and Joshua Castille. She also took the directing reins on Crazy Town, a horror comedy written by Kyla Druckman & Carson Turell, in which Jules won an award for Best Director at the Mockfest in Los Angeles.

Jules found herself becoming a music video director, having found creative ways to express song covers in American Sign Language using chiefly deaf talent, such as Walk the Moon’s Different Colors, Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song, Katy Perry’s Hot n’ Cold, Enrique Iglesias’ Hero, Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, Gotye’s Somebody I Used to Know, even the Frozen hit song, Let it Go. Because of this wide variety of ASL music videos, the sign language community has grown a strong affinity for translating music into sign language.

Jules has worked with all kinds of amazing known talents, such as Oscar-Winner Marlee Matlin (Children of a Lesser God), Sean Young (Blade Runner), Sean Berdy (Freeform’s Switched at Birth), Sean Forbes, Hana Hayes (FOX’s Grinder), Ed Gale (Howard the Duck, Child’s Play), and more. Jules hopes to work with many more in the near future.

Through many social media platforms, Jules is also directly responsible for coining the phrase #DeafTalent, which has spread global awareness about deaf actors being missed opportunities out of deaf roles which have often been handed over to hearing actors, not realizing that deaf actors are truly the only ones who will do justice to deaf characters. And what’s more, this hashtag has become a celebratory one, and continues to recognize and spread information about deaf people being involved with theater and media projects.

Jules graduated from University of Southern California with an MFA degree in Film Production Also having graduated from Gallaudet University with a BA in Television/Cinema in 2003, Jules trained at the University of Southern California with an MFA degree in Film Production with a directing track in 2009. On top of all this, Jules has founded Deaf Women in Film to support deaf women in front and behind the camera, as well as Acting With Jules, which is a class that trains actors that use sign language to become professional actors. Jules continues to direct and produce films without a break.