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“Let It Go” in American Sign Language To Be Released January 25th, 2015

“Let it Go” in American Sign Language will be released on Sunday, January 25th, 2015! Starring Amber Zion & Jason Listman, created by an all-deaf cast and crew. It will be released on D-PAN: Deaf Professional Arts Network YouTube. Also sponsored by RIT/NTID. Looking forward to sharing it with you all. Poster was designed by Amber Zion. #LetItGoASL #DeafTalent #DeafProfessionals #DeafArtists

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“An Experience” PSA Now Released

We filmed “An Experience” in Woodland Hills in a home thanks to Sharon Dror and Ken Rothschild and their family. It was a very wonderful and positive experience directing this film, especially after writing such a personal story. I had the privilege of working with such wonderful talents. Lexi Marman, Amber Zion & Alexandria Wailes. I sincerely hope to work with them again. Working with them reminded me how much we need each other and to create beautiful things again!

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I know you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to see the “Møkkakaffe,” television series and the time has come! Come this December 20th, you’ll get to see all 7 episodes available in English and Norwegian captions on www.dø Be sure to share this with everyone you know and spread the word. It will be online for only one month, so make sure no one misses it!

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“Rolling in the Deep” in American Sign Language (Amber Zion) has been released!

One of my proudest directing works by far. Had a great team to work with, particularly Amber. She’s the one who convinced me to work on “Rolling in the Deep.” So I thank her for thinking of me. —— Written, Directed, Produced, Edited, & Subtitle Art by Jules Dameron Starring Amber Zion & Chris B. Corrigan “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele American Sign Language Translations by Amber Zion, Jules Dameron & Martha Anger Assistant Producer Casey Fenton Associate Producer & Casting Coordination Manny Johnson Director of Photography Ruan du Plessis Gaffer Martha Anger Grips Quinn Cooke Matt Daigle Production Design Wendy Huffman Production Design Assistants Timothy Woods Danny Ligsay Wardrobe Artist Jessica Dooley Makeup & Hair Sunny Drissa First Assistant Director Kevin Huie American Sign Language Interpreters Laura Schrenk Cindee Bart Anna Schumacher Digital Colorist Erik Call Social Media Cheerleader Dickie Hearts Production Assistant Maya Sidharta Catering Kitchen Fiesta Location Managers Bob Yeoman Jean Arslan BEHIND THE SCENES ON WIGS AMBER ZION’S WORK

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Døves Media has released a new TV poster for #MØKKAKAFFE

A Norwegian Television drama, shown on the NRK Channel. The Bakke and Oppedal Strand families are suddenly forced to deal with each other because of an unexplained accident. How will they be able to communicate with each other when they do not speak the same language? Directed by Jules Dameron & Written by Erik Call Starring Ipek D. Mehlum, Anne Ryg, Hauk Heyerdahl, Fernando Agudo, Maia Lohre Køhn, Oskar Frantzen Holte, Harald Rosenstrøm & Lars Otterstedt. Produced by Døves Media. (

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PSA #2: “Sexual Consent is Sexy” [Directed by Jules Dameron]

I loved directing this particular PSA, because DeafHope cast the perfect people for this– Tracy & David Seto. They are not actors, but they understood the importance of sharing this message with the world. It was hard for me to film them in their own bed, because, you just simply have a natural understanding of allowing people to be private with their lives. But Tracy & David were perfectly fine with it. I enjoyed working with them thoroughly. This is an important message because — many people underestimate the importance of communication and physical respect with others in long-term relationships. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in any sort of relationship, that does not mean you are entitled to physical rights of another person. ————- Directed & Edited by 
Jules Dameron 

Produced by
 Trina Licht 
Julie Rems Smario

 Jules Dameron 
Gungaa Tuvshinbat

 Sound Designer
 Jackie Wellons

Tracy Seto – Wife 
David Seto – Husband

Ken Arcia Concept Created by the DeafHope Team

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DeafHope Public Service Announcement #1: Community Accountability

Had the opportunity to work with such an amazing and powerful deaf team out of DeafHope [] who has a serious dedication to changing the world for the deaf/ASL community. You can see the first release here, “What does Community Accountability look like?” This is a 2.5 minute PSA which covers the definition of Community Accountability. Hopefully people will gain from this, education-wise. Here’s the team that I’ve worked with. Directed & Edited by Jules Dameron Produced by Trina Licht Julie Rems Smario Cinematographers Jules Dameron Gungaa Tuvshinbat Sound Designer Jackie Wellons Cast in Order of Appearance Melinda Harrison Jones – Survivor Rose Crisman – Survivor’s Daughter Ian Jones – Abuser Alexandria Brinkley-Green – Runner Christina McMurry – Driver Lilly Crisman – Friend David Smario – EMT Trina Licht – Second Survivor Bobby Cox – Partygoer #1 Leala Holcomb – Partygoer #2 Orkid Sassouni – Partygoer #3 Martin Dale-Hench – Partygoer #4 Antoine Hunter – Partygoer #5 Reyes Ribera – ASL Narrator Alyce Slater Reynolds – Policewoman David Prince – Bailiff Special Effects Makeup Gungaa Tuvshinbat Photographer Ken Arcia Concept Created by the DeafHope Team —- SEE THE VIDEO HERE —-

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Jules will be on LA Talk Radio! [Thurs, Jan 3rd, 5 p.m. PST]

Extremely exciting. Thanks to Sheena Metal, I’ll be on LA Talk Radio [] for an hour with Sheena Metal, talking about film projects I’m involved with. I’ll be having a voice interpreter speak for me. And there’s more. For my deaf and hard of hearing followers they’ll have access to live captioning online of the radio show at this link:, courtesy of Mirabai Knight. You can look up her work on She’s the same one that did the Keith Wann Show (on internet radio). They’ll also have access to a chat room, and have things to say during the show. Nifty, huh? Be sure to TUNE in today at 5 p.m. PST! I’d love your support in the chat room for Sheena Metal and me. Follow my Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. I may be able to grab a few snapshots of the Sheena Metal Experience. 😉

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New Feature Film by Paul Kampf/PAI Training

I’ve gotten the honor of working with Paul Kampf, the producer/writer/jack of all trades brains behind the project and PAI Training team. Check out their website here: Thanks to Lei Wang, Photographer– I’m able to show everyone how it went on the day I joined them on set. They actually filmed a feature film in three days. I’m not usually keen on short periods of time for heavy shooting, but the way this film was set up, I say, kudos to Paul Kampf, for making sure everyone was taken care of and getting the work they need. I’ve already uploaded most of the photos on my Facebook page– but here’s the link of the photo album. Working with Heather Cope & Julie Kathleen (the leading actresses of the scene I worked on) was a genuine treat. The experience was extraordinary for me. All my life, I had always aspired to be a film director, just like many aspiring talents in Los Angeles. And thanks to the help of Martha Villar Yasuda (my interpreter coordinator) and the open-minded nature of this project (that includes Paul Kampf and the actresses), I was able to achieve just that, a typical film director at work on set. And no one overspent on anything. Pretty nifty, huh?

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“Beyond Essays” Won An Audience Award at the Valley Film Festival

[Photo credit: Sylwia Ozdzynski from the Valley Film Festival] I am honored that “Beyond Essays” won the Audience Award from the Girl on Shorts program at the Valley Film Festival. It was a fun time, and I was truly happy that Amber Zion, Kalen Feeney, and so many others could attend this very special event!

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