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“Broadcast” Teaser Released!

Sawicky, LLC Productions presents “Broadcast” starring Christine Sawicky, Chris Gann, Elle Young, Yoori Park, Hayden Crabtree Wyatt, Suzie Kane, Bryan Kent, Eugenia Care, Savannah Gann, Andrew Diaz, Chris Waters, and Alex Kudo. Casting by Travis Otsuji Casting Assistant Elaine Acala Music by Russell Wiener Edited by Michael Cox Production Designer Katherine Hunt Director of Photography Michael Solomon Associate Producer Allan Schollnick Make Up & Hair by Jazz Kaur Assistant Director Kevin Huie Sound by Mark Richards Gaffer Martha Anger Grip Quinn Cooke Interpreters Melina Gaglioti, Dustin Rael & Anna Schumacher Story by Christine Sawicky & Leonard T. Miller Screenplay by Dial Jones Produced by Christine Sawicky Directed by Jules Dameron Facebook Page for “Broadcast”

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