Download “Beyond Essays” Online!

It’s official. “Beyond Essays” is now released online for purchase or rental. It’s also kept a low price so that people can enjoy the film. The platform that we’re using is — so that may require you to download an “Egg Player” so you can enjoy “Beyond Essays.” The reason for this is because, evidently, filmmaking is pretty expensive in general, so having some financial support for Damname Productions to continue making films is helpful for all of us. Also, you can see that we’re advertising Deaf Women in Film on it as well, for obvious reasons. This film is a DWIF-heavy film, meaning we have key players involved that are deaf or hard of hearing women, including myself, and most of the cast. “Beyond Essays” recently won an Audience Award at the Valley Film Festival and was shown at several film festivals, such as Deaffest, Maine Deaf Film Festival, Dovfilmfestival, and not to mention the Toronto Deaf Film and Arts Festival! It’s 12 minutes long, and all in American Sign Language with music and sound design. If you do decide to download it, be sure to write a review. We’d love to know what you think.

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