Interview of Jules Dameron on That Keith Wann Radio Show

AUDIO PODCAST: Interview of Jules Dameron on That Keith Wann Show NOTE: There will be transcripts available for the podcasts– they’re working on it. We will be sure to let you know when it’s available. Thanks to Keith Wann, I was able to jump in for one interview, and had fun chatting with Keith Wann and Wink. They are truly hilarious and warm people, and have a big heart and want to share everything with everyone in terms of Deaf culture, their love for American Sign Language and a merging of that with comedy. Merging comedy with American Sign Language is an ongoing battle since it’s about knowing your audiences and making a living off it. Keith and Wink feel deeply connected with the culturally deaf and hard of hearing audiences (that includes hearing people who are culturally deaf, too!) and I feel the same way. Regardless of what happens, we will continue to try to make a living, at the same time create what we deeply connect to, at least as our gifts to the same community that raised us. Keep on bridging communities, Keith & Wink. You’ll see that I’m in favor of that, as well.

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