I know you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to see the “Møkkakaffe,” television series and the time has come! Come this December 20th, you’ll get to see all 7 episodes available in English and Norwegian captions on www.døvesmedia.no. Be sure to share this with everyone you know and spread the word. It will be online for only one month, so make sure no one misses it!

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Døves Media has released a new TV poster for #MØKKAKAFFE

A Norwegian Television drama, shown on the NRK Channel. The Bakke and Oppedal Strand families are suddenly forced to deal with each other because of an unexplained accident. How will they be able to communicate with each other when they do not speak the same language? Directed by Jules Dameron & Written by Erik Call Starring Ipek D. Mehlum, Anne Ryg, Hauk Heyerdahl, Fernando Agudo, Maia Lohre Køhn, Oskar Frantzen Holte, Harald Rosenstrøm & Lars Otterstedt. Produced by Døves Media. (http://www.dovesmedia.no).

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