Acted in “Harvest”! [Feature Film]

The photos below are from the feature film, “Harvest” in the production stage. You can check out their Facebook page here.

I had a lot of fun working with Martha Anger, who plays the role of Joy. I had the honor of playing her overbearing sister. One of the things I discovered about the acting process was that it’s highly crucial that whatever we say in American Sign Language is authentic and true to deaf culture– if our roles are as such. We are both deaf sisters, so that adds another nature of our relationship. We talk in a way so that we are relaxed and we easily understand each other. LaJuan, the director was very understanding and supportive of this process, so we made an excellent team. I enjoyed the experience thoroughly!


SYNOPSIS: “Harvest” explores the lives of four different people, from four different walks of life, struggling to make it work in these hard economic times. Carson, the husband of a paralyzed war veteran Anna, battles to cope with Anna’s paralysis and the grief of her loss. Joy, a deaf- college student with a scholarship to a prestigious ivy-league school, finds herself pregnant and in conflict to make the right decision. Randy, an ex-con, strives to support and care for his three younger siblings without getting back into the drug game. Vick, a homeless jazz musician, hustles to care for two children, who ran away from an abusive foster home.

Directed & Written by LaJuan Johnson
Produced by LaJuan Johnson, David M. Holechek, Daniel Holechek, Jamie Edwards, & Sylvia Johnson


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