WIGS Released a Short Documentary On YouTube ~ Jules!

Documentary Credit– goes to Casey Cooper Johnson. He did a wonderful job on this doc. Kudos to a wonderful filmmaker with always a smile on his face! 🙂

In case anyone is wondering, the music video [not this documentary] that we are working on hasn’t been approved for release. So for now, you can just enjoy this documentary. 🙂


In any case, the credits go to these people for the music video. (They worked so hard! They deserve recognition)

Written, Directed, Produced, Edited, & Subtitle Art by
Jules Dameron [@JulesDameron]

Amber Zion [@AmberZion] & Chris Corrigan

American Sign Language Translations by
Amber Zion, Jules Dameron [@JulesDameron] & Martha Anger [@MarthaTheFetch]

Executive Producer
D-PAN: Deaf Professional Arts Network

Assistant Producer
Casey Fenton

Associate Producer & Casting Coordination
Manny Johnson

Director of Photography
Ruan Du Plessis

Martha Anger [@MarthaTheFetch]

Quinn Cooke
Matt Daigle [@DeafCartoonist]

Production Design
Wendy Huffman

Production Design Assistants
Timothy Woods
Danny Ligsay

Wardrobe Artist
Jessica Dooley

Makeup & Hair
Sunny Drissa

First Assistant Director
Kevin Huie

American Sign Language Interpreters
Laura Schrenk
Cindee Bart
Anna Schumacher

Digital Colorist
Erik Call [@ErikCall]

Social Media Cheerleader
Dickie Hearts [@DickieHearts]

Production Assistant
Maya Sidharta

Kitchen Fiesta

Location Managers
Bob Yeoman
Jean Arslan


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