DeafHope Public Service Announcement #1: Community Accountability

Had the opportunity to work with such an amazing and powerful deaf team out of DeafHope [] who has a serious dedication to changing the world for the deaf/ASL community. You can see the first release here, “What does Community Accountability look like?” This is a 2.5 minute PSA which covers the definition of Community Accountability. Hopefully people will gain from this, education-wise. Here’s the team that I’ve worked with. Directed & Edited by Jules Dameron Produced by Trina Licht Julie Rems Smario Cinematographers Jules Dameron Gungaa Tuvshinbat Sound Designer Jackie Wellons Cast in Order of Appearance Melinda Harrison Jones – Survivor Rose Crisman – Survivor’s Daughter Ian Jones – Abuser Alexandria Brinkley-Green – Runner Christina McMurry – Driver Lilly Crisman – Friend David Smario – EMT Trina Licht – Second Survivor Bobby Cox – Partygoer #1 Leala Holcomb – Partygoer #2 Orkid Sassouni – Partygoer #3 Martin Dale-Hench – Partygoer #4 Antoine Hunter – Partygoer #5 Reyes Ribera – ASL Narrator Alyce Slater Reynolds – Policewoman David Prince – Bailiff Special Effects Makeup Gungaa Tuvshinbat Photographer Ken Arcia Concept Created by the DeafHope Team —- SEE THE VIDEO HERE —-

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