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“Beyond Essays” Short Film Now Online!

A deaf activist student, Wanda Macy, [Kalen Feeney] simply tries to get a passing grade so she can graduate from college, in spite of her malicious adversary, her English professor, Genevive Taylor, [Amber Zion] who only cares about winning a Distinguished Faculty of the Year award. Is there more to this relationship than we think? A short film in American Sign Language– Subtitled in English for access. Created by a chiefly female crew and with an entire deaf cast, this film is the first in it’s unique process of the writer creating all the lines in American Sign Language and giving the lines to the actors, instead of having them translate the English dialogue into ASL, for the sake of preserving the acting process and allowing the actors to build around the lines, instead of creating their own. ****AUDIENCE AWARD WINNER IN VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL**** ****OFFICIAL SELECTION IN VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL**** ****OFFICIAL SELECTION IN MAINE DEAF FILM FESTIVAL**** ****OFFICIAL SELECTION IN TORONTO INTERNATIONAL DEAF FILM & ARTS FESTIVAL**** ****NOMINATED FOR BEST DRAMA SHORT FOR DEAFFEST IN WOLVERHAMPTON, U.K.**** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Directed & Written by Jules Dameron Produced by Jules Dameron & Jennifer Losi Director of Photography Eunsoo Cho Starring Kalen Feeney as Wanda Macy Amber Zion as Genevive Taylor Antoinette Abbamonte as Dr. Regina Tracy Original Music by Carrie Glover Production Designer Katherine Hunt Costume Designer Tara Shucart Makeup Artist Brian Barnett Edited by Jessica Continenza Sound Editing & Mixing Amie Farquhar Assistant Director Kevin Huie Digital Coloring Erik Call Script Supervisor Jennifer Losi Gaffers Rachel Elias Sherri Kauk Grip Sophia Berman Fotiadis 2nd Assistant Camera Carolina Espiro Production Sound Gilda Garcia Fight Choreographer Abby Walla Students Nick Zerlentes Arezo Moazezi Awet Mo Ashley Griffith Michael Fox Mary Beth Baierl AB2072 Protesters Casey Hamilton Sandy Yu Rebecca Rodick Mary Ruth Summers Lilly Crisman Jennifer Losi Shahram Shahidi Nick Zerlentes Arezo Moazezi Awet Mo Ashley Griffith Michael Fox Mary Beth Baierl Megan Shelton Laura Schrenk Passerbys & Patrons Brian Barnett Sandy Yu Rebecca Rodick Kevin Huie Rachel Elias Shahram Shahidi Arezo Moazezi Michael Fox Production Assistants Sandy Yu Rebecca Rodick Karen Soza-Meza Sylvia Yepez Michael Fox Casey Hamilton American Sign Language Interpreters Cindee Bart Kelsey Mitchell Megan Shelton Laura Schrenk Casi Thieme Kendra Blessing Production Design Sandy Yu Catherine MacKinnon A Special Thanks To Patrick Boudreault Dan Smith Maria Gable Janiah Ranger Sharon Ann Dror Erik Call Chrissy Kiehl Alan Weischedel Terrylene Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness A Lovely Thanks for the Donations! ASL Presents Cindy Walker Sean Gerlis Tim Call Kevin Johnson Misty Flowers Jon Savage Jenny Witteborg Joey Baer Sharon Dror Carri Neilson Tyrone Giordano Jose Asuncion Marsha Helmuth Kenneth Mikos Lloyd Balinger Ryan Commerson Anne Marvin Miller Braam Jordaan Travis Dougherty Lisa Travers Karen Soza-Meza Tristan Petersen Dave Patrick Boudreault Phil & Lynn Jacob Aidan Mack Films Sonya Seaman Cheryl Quintal The Berdy Family Heather Lightfoot Kathy Gray Geno Cancio Shawn Cooper Roxanne Olivier Abby & Albert Walla Kamau Buchanan Shelley Thron Erik Call Mary Beth Baierl Sylion Lepeki Bjoern Michael Patterson Joseph Davis Erin Furda Robert Hawkins Sonny Wasilowski Jamie Munro Shelley DesIslets Joe Vieira Simon “Beyond Essays” A Damname Production, 2010. [Beyond Essays IMDB]

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“Beyond Essays” Will be Released Online!

“Beyond Essays” will be released online on July 26th, 10:00 a.m.! Starring Kalen Feeney, Amber Zion & Antoinette Abbamonte. Won the best short film at the Valley Film Festival! Directed by Jules Dameron.

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