crazy town

What’s up with “Crazy Town”?

DIRECT LINK TO KICKSTARTER SITE: [Subtitled in English] An amazing short film, “Crazy Town” (still in in the production stage) was shot last month (with still more to shoot) with an amazing team, including Sean Young [Blade Runner, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Wall Street, Dune], Ed Gale [Chucky in Child’s Play, Howard in Howard the Duck], Michael Monks [Air Force One, E.R., Carnivale, Friends, etc.], Hana Hayes [Criminal Minds, Buckett and Skinner’s Epic Adventures], and the talented lead actress, Kyla Druckman! Carson Turell and Kyla Druckman are the writers and producers of this project, and I can’t thank them enough for hiring me to direct this project. We are currently raising funds to complete the film, so please do check the Kickstarter video out. You get to see some of the seriously awesome footage in it. I’m not kidding. I think it’s one of my best work thus far. I’m pretty darn proud of it, so if you don’t even glimpse the video, I’ll hunt you for the rest of my life. 😉 So, please, just watch the Kickstarter video for your sake. 🙂 Also, we are in need of funding to help complete the project. We’re raising $16,000 by April 14th (MY BIRTHDAY!) so if you can help or know someone who could help donate or be a part of this project, that would be amazing. Please share the Kickstarter link to EVERYONE you know! KICKSTARTER VIDEO FOR “CRAZY TOWN” [A MUST SEE!] – [Subtitled in English]

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