10th Annual GLAD Benefit at the Hollywood House of Blues!

10th Annual House of Blues GLAD Benefit – Ken Paves from GLAD House of Blues on Vimeo. I’ve been named Creative Director of this rather extravagant event, thanks to Ken Paves, an ever-persistent ally of the deaf community. And not only that, he is practically fluent in American Sign Language, and he wears it well. Through this process, I’ve had the honor of working with Elise Whitworth, CEO of Eventida ( and she is a true superwoman. I highly recommend her anywhere you go when it comes to event planning. She’s sure to think of all sorts of things you probably haven’t thought of. And not only this, I got to work with the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, and it’s been quite a trip so far. I am looking forward to putting together a super fantastic show for everybody, especially in the hopes to bring the hearing and deaf communities together.

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