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New Feature Film by Paul Kampf/PAI Training

I’ve gotten the honor of working with Paul Kampf, the producer/writer/jack of all trades brains behind the project and PAI Training team. Check out their website here: Thanks to Lei Wang, Photographer– I’m able to show everyone how it went on the day I joined them on set. They actually filmed a feature film in three days. I’m not usually keen on short periods of time for heavy shooting, but the way this film was set up, I say, kudos to Paul Kampf, for making sure everyone was taken care of and getting the work they need. I’ve already uploaded most of the photos on my Facebook page– but here’s the link of the photo album. Working with Heather Cope & Julie Kathleen (the leading actresses of the scene I worked on) was a genuine treat. The experience was extraordinary for me. All my life, I had always aspired to be a film director, just like many aspiring talents in Los Angeles. And thanks to the help of Martha Villar Yasuda (my interpreter coordinator) and the open-minded nature of this project (that includes Paul Kampf and the actresses), I was able to achieve just that, a typical film director at work on set. And no one overspent on anything. Pretty nifty, huh?

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