tracy seto

PSA #2: “Sexual Consent is Sexy” [Directed by Jules Dameron]

I loved directing this particular PSA, because DeafHope cast the perfect people for this– Tracy & David Seto. They are not actors, but they understood the importance of sharing this message with the world. It was hard for me to film them in their own bed, because, you just simply have a natural understanding of allowing people to be private with their lives. But Tracy & David were perfectly fine with it. I enjoyed working with them thoroughly. This is an important message because — many people underestimate the importance of communication and physical respect with others in long-term relationships. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in any sort of relationship, that does not mean you are entitled to physical rights of another person. ————- Directed & Edited by 
Jules Dameron 

Produced by
 Trina Licht 
Julie Rems Smario

 Jules Dameron 
Gungaa Tuvshinbat

 Sound Designer
 Jackie Wellons

Tracy Seto – Wife 
David Seto – Husband

Ken Arcia Concept Created by the DeafHope Team

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