Tune in to the Keith Wann Show on April 4th at 5 p.m. PST!


I’ll be speaking for the first 12 minutes of the show about “Crazy Town.” Be sure to tune in, the link above allows you to tune in to see live captions of the radio show. Nice, huh?

DIRECT LINK TO KICKSTARTER SITE: http://kck.st/zxLz0u [Subtitled in English]

So exciting! I look forward to chatting with Keith Wann and Wink again. They’re hilarious and I look forward to joking around with them again. I’ll be using a Convo Relay interpreter to speak for me

I’ll be talking about “Crazy Town.” Be sure to tune in, since “Crazy Town” is a truly amazing project and I’m so excited to be talking about it. It’s the biggest project I’ve been involved in outside of the deaf community and using interpreters to work on set. It’s been a fun ride, and because of this I really want this film to raise enough funds so we can complete the project!

And what’s more? If you’re deaf or hard of hearing, you get complete access to the show, live! This is the link you should go to if you want to see what I’m saying live.


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